Joshua Jansen


Joshua is one of our developers. He is passionate about kickstarting and shipping new products, and he’s been doing that for over a decade. In early 2015, he joined Firmhouse to help get products in the hand of customers with a pragmatic mindset and an optimistic attitude.

Blog Posts

Setting up SSL for your Rails app

In March 2015, I wrote about setting up SSL for your Rails app. Back then, only 16.4% of the 148.486 most popular website had secure SSL implemented.

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How our Rails 5 app served more than a million people in 2,5 weeks

In the last 2,5 weeks, our little side-project served:2.785.168 pageviews1.170.496 unique visitors...

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Building an iOS app with Turbolinks-iOS

Over the last couple of months, we’ve been shipping quite some hybrid iOS and Android apps...

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Announcing Formbox - our latest (ad)venture

Last Friday, we’ve released Formbox, our form-backend as a service. After using Formbox for more than six months internally...

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Adventure Time

Most developers are curious beings. I believe that this is one of our greatest assets. This curiosity lets us try out things...

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