Bob Jansen

Founder & CEO

Bob is founder and CEO of Firmhouse. He is responsible for Marketing, Customer Success and Culture. His goal with Firmhouse is to build a company that ends ownership as we know it today, and make companies responsible for their actions through recurring relationships with their customers.

Blog Posts

Automate your customer acceptance checks with our new Focum integration

We partnered with Focum to enable our customers to perform automated Customer Acceptence checks for their subscription business.

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Make your product as a service obviously more awesome than owning it

The field of service based business models develops rapidly. All industries have new entrants not selling a product, but offering it as part of a service model. Companies like Swapfiets are paving the way to show their customers the benefits, and becomes an example for other industries to follow.

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We raised €600.000 to accelerate the roll-out of our subscription & product-as-a-service platform.

We're proud to announce that we have raised €600.000 from Techfund One to accelerate the roll-out for our subscription and 'as-a-service' platform.

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Under the Radar: How Floorplanner Used Money From Cash-Flow to Buy Their Highly Funded Competitor

I sat down with Gert-Jan van der Wel and talked about their business, crucial moments and biggest lessons over the past years...

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Podcast: Lessons from building Firmhouse for 10-years

Roughly a month ago, Maria Bahamam a.k.a Madam Rotterdam stopped by for an interview. Maria was part of the first Firmhouse Venture Lab cohort.

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Most Startups are Expensive Hobbies

I wrote this post originally in 2012 when the news of Kraft splitting in two companies was announced. According Dutch news sources...

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Minimum Viable Products emerge from Experiments

Robbert wrote about most Minimum Viable Products (MVP) likely being an experiment. Lean Startup has been around for a while now...

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What we learned running the second Venture Lab cohort

Yesterday we celebrated the graduation of the second cohort of Venture Lab entrepreneurs. We had a great afternoon...

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How Apple & Tesla use services to build recurring and lasting relationships with their customers

Apple and Tesla both have deeply integrated offerings between software & hardware. Integration not only creates a strong position in the market, it allows for..

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B2B subscriptions and the role of channel partners explained

You've heard of the subscription economy, and how people are becoming more and more interested in "renting" products rather than owning them...

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400.000+ people signed up for a Pokémon Go launch notification in one week, this is what we learned

A brief timeline of events, numbers and learnings on our side-project that went viral. More important; what value did we get from it?

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