Power your e-commerce growth with repeat orders.

Turn any product into a subscription offering with Firmhouse. Connect your e-commerce store to our platform, and turn your customers into subscribers.

Repeat Orders

Turn customers into subscribers. Repeat orders are great to increase revenue from existing customers.

E-commerce Ready

Integrate and connect with your existing e-commerce store. Turn orders into subscriptions in the Firmhouse platform.

Customer Lifecycle Management

Manage the full subscription lifecycle. We handle all customer communications for recurring orders from our system.

Repeat Orders

Automatically create and ship repeat orders for your customers.

Turning your product into a subscription offering with repeat orders is easy. Create a custom schedule for product deliveries, and Firmhouse takes care of all the billing and logistics processes to ship your product in time.

Payment mandates
Order Discounts

Apply custom discounts for subscription orders

Discounts are a great way for you to get repeat business from customers. Subscriptions work well when the products are discounted compared to the one-time purchase price.

We created discounts to be flexible. From a one-time discount on the first month, to a lifetime discount on the full subscription term. You have the freedom to reward your customers for their repeat business.

Custom invoices
Self Service Center

Provide your customers with self-service options in the Customer Service Center.

Put your customers in control of managing their subscription. With a simple log-in you put customers in control of their subscription, repeat orders and payment methods.

Payment mandates

Ready to start with recurring commerce & product subscriptions?

Firmhouse is the foundation for your subscription & recurring commerce business.
Calculate your business case

Wondering what the ROI of your product subscriptions or rental business can be? Request the business case calculator to learn about the unit economics.

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Server network
Explore developer documentation

Looking to integrate with your existing systems and platforms? Check our Developer documentation to learn about integration options via our API.

Developer documentation