Join the Mobility-as-a-Service movement.

It's time to sell your product as a service. Offer your product on a monthly subscription, including service plans & flexility.

Turn your product into a full-service subscription.

Subscriptions and 'as-a-Service' models for mobility are on the rise. From biking as a service, to private lease of cars. In their own way, these models blend customer experience & our move to a more sustainable world perfectly.

People rarely need to own a mobility product full-time. Most of the time, it's standing around and depreciating. Ultimately, gathering dust over longer periods towards it's retirement.

A sustainable model for mobility.

Delight your customers

The next generation of your customers are used to buying experiences. Deliver your product directly, and continue to delight them during your on-going relationship with them.

Make it last longer

Your product is made to be used. It's crafted with care, but will need service & repairs over it's lifetime. By making sure you know who services it, you know it's done right up to your standards.

Your product re-used

With an 'as-a-service' and subscription model, you remain owner of your product. This enables you to service your product, and put it back in the market again.

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