Customers want to buy your product as a service.

Grow your market share by introducing your products on a subscription model. Sign-up your first customers within hours, and grow a steady & predictable revenue stream.

Start selling the outcome of your product, not the features

Any great product is designed with to help people get a job done. Ranging from getting to work, listening to music, calling a friend, to keeping an eye on their newborn.

Customers always roll the dice when buying a product. Will it actually help them get their job done in the way they want it?

What if, instead of doing all the work of a hard sell, you establish a relationship with your customer that is based on achieving their desired outcomes?

This is all possible, today. Don’t sell boxes on a transactional model. No. Allow people to use your product, instead of buying it.

From a transactional to recurring model.

Let's face it. You have quarterly numbers to make, and this all depends on convincing people to buy your product. If your lucky, you can sell to existing customers. But every sale needs to be made. On a subscription model the experience matters, and is what will make customers stay.

Establish direct relationships

The easiest way to delight your customer? Handle them with care and attention, pro-actively. In a service relationship, customers expect you to be frequently in touch and help them. This is a great source of learning.

Complete the experience

Delight them up front. Pair your product with the things they need to get up and running instantly. This can be anything that increase the value they get from your product. Additional content, service moments or replacement parts.

Change with your customers'

People's life change, and needs shift with it. They might need more, or less of your products. With a product as a service model you can change with their needs, providing flexibility to upgrade or downgrade their plan.

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