Initiating a subscription


One of the most important use cases for your business is to initiate the creation of a new customer and having them make an initial payment. If you are not using our ready-made subscription signup pages for your project then your website, your app, or your e-commerce platform will need to initiate a checkout flow via our API.

The API interaction flow between your website, the customer, and our API is as follows:

When you create a new Subscription via our API, we first check if all (address) field validations and acceptance checks pass. If all validations and checks pass, then the API will return with a URL that you need to redirect the customer's browser to. Depending on the payment provider settings of your project, the return URL already includes the right URL for the customer to make an initial payment - you don't have to add any payment provider logic yourself.

After the customer successfully pays, we will redirect the customer back to a page you indicated. For example, you can pass the API a URL to your "Thank you for signing up" page.

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We're in the process of re-writing this article to this new place on the Developer Documentation website. You can find the existing guide for creating a subscription via the API in our helpcenter: