API Reference

To explore and test queries, connections, data types, and mutations in our API you can browse it via a tool called GraphiQL. GraphiQL is a web-based tool that is also available for download as a standalone application on platforms like MacOS, and Linux.

With the GraphiQL tool you can:

  • Execute real-life calls to the Firmhouse API. Very useful for testing, debugging, and developing your own integration with our platform.
  • Use the built-in API Schema explorer to check out all the data types and calls our API has to offer.

Installing GraphiQL

GraphiQL is in essence a web-based application that you can install yourself. However, the easiest way to install and use GraphiQL is by using a wrapper package for your operating system here: https://www.electronjs.org/apps/graphiql

Exploring the Firmhouse API in GraphiQL

Once you've installed GraphiQL, you can connect it to the Firmhouse API endpoint and explore the documentation or perform actual calls against the data in your projects.

First, open GraphiQL and enter the following URL in the GraphQL Endpoint field: https://portal.firmhouse.com/graphql

Entering the Firmhouse API endpoint in GraphiQL

Once you've entered the Firmhouse API endpoint you will notice the following response in the right pane of the GraphiQL interface:


Don't worry, this is because you haven't added any Project Access Tokens in your GraphiQL client yet.

Generate or find a Project Access Token in your Firmhouse project under the Integrations page from the project Settings menu. Then in GraphiQL, open the HTTP Header configurations via the blue Edit HTTP Headers button and add a header with:

Header Value: <Your Project Access Token>

Setting the X-PROJECT-ACCESS-TOKEN in GraphiQL

Now close the Edit HTTP Headers screen in GraphiQL and open the Documentation Explorer sidepane by clicking < Docs in GraphiQL:

Opening the Documentation Explorer in GraphiQL

You can then use the Documentation Explorer pane in GraphiQL to explore all possible queries, mutations, connections, and data types of the Firmhouse API:

Viewing the Subscription type in the Documentation Explorer

Questions? Problems?

Can't get GraphiQL to work? Having troubles authenticating with your project? No worries! Our development team is here to support anyone who is exploring or using our API.

Please review the Developer Support page for contact options.